Heat pumps are a necessity when it comes to heating or cooling your water. Haha’s heat pumps are optimized for high efficiency and allow you the best control in water temperature that you need.

“The owner himself came out to service a home. He was extremely professional, he went above and beyond my expectations. He will be my go to HVAC company.”

Aire Witt

Haha’s offers the following services when it comes to Heat Pumps for both heating and cooling. When you come to us for new heat pumps, you can choose from a generous selection of quality products.

Heat Pump Installation/Replacement

Rely on the knowledge of our HVAC experts to help you find the right fit for your energy-efficiency goals and budget. After you choose your ideal product, you can sit back and relax while our highly trained technicians provide you with a quick and efficient heat pump installation.

Heat Pump Repair Solutions

Just because your heat pump isn’t working properly doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to jump right into installing a new one. At Haha’s Heating and Air Conditioning, our technicians can come to your home to quickly assess and repair the issue. In no time, we can have your equipment back in working order with a heat pump repair that will last.

Routine Heat Pump Maintenance

Over time, heat pumps can start to deteriorate, but you can help extend their life by conducting regular heat pump maintenance. Our technicians have the tools, training, and know-how to inspect, clean, and care for your current heat pump, and can help you avoid purchasing a replacement unit for as long as possible.