6 Northland Shopping Events: Liberty, Parkville, Smithville, Pleasant Hill, Cameron

Are you ready to get your shop on? There are plenty of opportunities coming up soon in the Northland and throughout Kansas City for you! Check out this list of upcoming shopping events taking place in the next month:

  1. Fall Open House at Farm To Home Vintage
    Come and celebrate Fall at Farm To Home during their Fall Open House. They’re decking out their place with Fall decor and they’re ready to help decorate your home with vintage finds and home decor! The event takes place on August 28 & 29 from 10:00am to 5:00pm at 1208 N. 7 Highway, Unit G, in Pleasant Hill, MO 64080. Click here for more info!
  2. Just Between Friends Northland’s All-Season Community Presales!  

Just Between Friends Northland will have an all-season community presale at the Parkville Athletic Complex (6014 Missouri 9, Parkville, MO 64152) on Thursday, August 27th from 7:00am-10:00pm. The public will get a chance to shop before they’re open to the public, but you’ve got to have a ticket to get in! Click here for more info!

  1. Smithville Lake Fest

This event is in place of the normal Octoberfest, in hopes of warmer weather! The three day event will have both food and craft vendors! Plan to join them in the Smithville Main Street District from 5pm on August 28th to 4pm on August 30th. Click here for more info!

  1. Wild Hearts: Ladies Night Out

The Wild Hearts: Ladies Night Out event will take place on the Liberty Square and is being hosted by Etch.Life, Mama and Me Children’s Boutique, Petals & Potpourri, Anna Marie’s Teas, Freckled Lamb, and Wingz & More. The event will offer exclusive shopping and restaurant dining experiences. Participating stores will be offering deals and menu specials. Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 that night. All proceeds go to the Liberty Women’s Clinic! Click here for more info! 

  1. Flea Market Mania

On Saturday, September 5th from 7:00am-2:00pm the Old School will be opening their parking lot for individuals to sell “flea market” items during the city wide garage sales. Check it out at 116 W. 4th Street in Cameron, Missouri 64429. Click here for more info!

  1. Pop-Up Shops

On Labor Day weekend, Design Coop and OnDelaware are hosting Pop-Up Shops + Sidewalk Sales on 4th and Delaware in the River Market! They will offer extended hours of 9:00am-4:00pm and will feature KC Makers, designers, artists, and locally owned shops and restaurants. Click here for more info!

Upcoming Events in the Northland

There are beginning to be more and more opportunities for small gatherings throughout the Northland. Check out these community events coming up in Gladstone, Excelsior Springs, Kearney, Smithville, and Liberty! 

Excelsior Springs

Guided Winery/Wine Cave Tours and Candlelight Tastings

at Fence Stile Vineyards and Winery

Enjoy a tour of the property and the winery! Learn about Fence Stile’s wines and grape varieties, the winery’s history, Brix (testing the sugar level of grapes), vineyard management, and terroir of the estate. Finish with a candlelit tasting in the CELLAR57 club room and the wine caves. Tour limited to 10 people. Click here for more information.

E-Town Hose Down

at Excelsior Springs Community Center

On Friday, August 7th at Noon, join Excelsior Springs Parks and Recreation as they celebrate the last day of National Parks and Rec Month with an E-Town Hose Down! The Excelsior Springs Fire Department will be hosting down kids on a hot summer day for free! Bring your swimsuits and a towel! The Community Center will provide a free treat to the kids after! Click here for more information.


Midwest Lemonade Days
at Hy-Vee (7117 N Prospect Ave, Gladstone)

Join in on the fun of Midwest Lemonade Days and help fund pediatric cancer research! Help make a difference one “cup” of lemonade at a time! Or round up at the register August 3rd-9th to help fund pediatric cancer research. Click here for more information.

Melt Box Ice Cream Truck

at Meadowbrook North Community Garden

Melt Box Ice Cream is an ice cream food truck offering bold ice cream flavors partnered with unique toppings and presentation to the Kansas City metro and surrounding areas. Click here for more information. 


Polite Kids 101: The art of the handshake, manners, and more

at Kearney Firehouse Community Center

Have you ever wondered how to teach your kids to be respectful and kind in a fun way? Or wished they had better table manners? It’s the art of the handshake, the proper way to set the table, being respectful and more. Topics include: kindness, respect and honor; communication manners like body language, tone of voice and interrupting others ‘politely’; introducing yourself; how to set a basic table settings and a more formal one, too; table manners before, during and after the meal; being a guest in someone’s home and birthday party manners; wedding and funeral etiquette. Click here for more information.

Butterfly & Bubble Release Event

at Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch

The Fun Farm will have a Painted Butterfly & Monarch Butterfly Release event that will take place Saturday, August 29, 2020. This family friendly event includes releasing hundreds of colorful fluttering butterflies, jumbo bubbles, music, and all day Fun Farm field activities. Enjoy over 300 acres of farm filled fun! Click here for more information. 


Paranormal Investigation at Belvoir Winery

At Belvoir Winery and Inn

Have you ever investigated at one of the most haunted locations in the Midwest! Now’s your chance! You can investigate the famous Belvoir Winery in Liberty, Missouri on August 8th starting at 8:00pm. Click here for more information.

Popcorn in the Park – Frozen II

at Stocksdale Park, 901 S La Frenz Rd, Liberty, MO

Bring your family and friends, along with your blankets and lawn chairs, and head out to Stocksdale Park to enjoy a FREE movie on the big screen, under the stars. The movie will begin at dusk (around 8-8:30 p.m.) Moviegoers are encouraged to bring their own snacks, drinks, lawn chairs and blankets. Please remember, alcohol is not allowed in Liberty’s parks. Click here for more information.


Smithville Lake Fest

at Smithville Main Street District, 101. N. Bridge St, Smithville

Octoberfest is moving to August and will be called Lake Fest. We hope for warmer weather, more food and craft vendors and the support from the community! Also a 3 day event, so plan to come out on Sunday and show support. We hope to continue to grow this event, but we cannot do it without the help from the wonderful community! Click here for more information.

Floater Fest at Smithville Lake

at Little Platte Park, Smithville Lake

Remember TAH’s 2018 Floater Fest? It’s back but now moved to the lake! TAH CrossFit has teamed up with Northland Outdoor Adventures to bring you a fun short floater competition outside with kayaking and paddle boarding.This will be a COED PARTNER event! Click here for more information.

KC Northland Summer Camps

Upcoming Northland Kansas City Summer Camps

We know this year has brought a lot of challenges when it comes to activities and getting together for events. Despite the restrictions, there are still some great camps coming up in the Northland of Kansas City that you can still participate in! 

MCC’s College for Kids

3200 Broadway, Kansas City, MO

From their website, MCC’s College for Kids offers enrichment opportunities for kids and teens ages 5-16 in a fun and safe environment where they enjoy educational and hands-on learning activities. The classes are designed to engage your youth in new experiences, develop new interests, teach meaningful skills and excite students about learning. College for kids is available on all Metropolitan Community College Campuses. Click here to find out more!

Sylvan Learning of Kansas City, North – Camps

8409 N Main St, Kansas City, MO

According to their website, Sylvan is the place to stop summer learning loss! Programming includes reading, writing, math, study skills, ACT/SAT prep, and homework support. We employ certified educators and conduct instruction (typically) in a 3 to 1 learning environment.  We guarantee results for our core programming and our ACT/SAT courses.  We offer FREE ACT practice exams throughout the year, and overall instruction is designed to increase student abilities and improve confidence.  We use a token system to encourage hard work, raise confidence, and increase attendance. Click here to find out more!

Oakhill Day School Summer Camp

7019 North Cherry St, Gladstone, MO

From their website, Oakhill Day School offers care for students grades Toddler (2 years old) through 8th Grade. Currently, registration is only open to Oakhill families. Participation will involve social interaction with others as well as physical activities. Click here to find out more!

Kansas City Ballet School – Camps

500 W Pershing Rd, Kansas City, MO 

According to their website, Kansas City Ballet School is now offering virtual classes for all ages. Under the direction of School Director Grace Holmes, the School offers a complete, professional curriculum for students. Kansas City Ballet School provides an encouraging environment where all ages are invited to find and refine their artistry. Click here to find out more!

Coterie Theatre – Camps

2450 Grand Blvd, Suite 144, Kansas City, MO 

On their website they ask citizens to join in the fun of The Coterie Theatre School’s summer drama classes! Both virtual and in-person classes at four Kansas City metro locations are available. The Summer Drama Classes and Performance Camp will be a mix of live, interactive online classes, as well as in-person classes (whenever possible). Click here to find out more!

We hope you have a fun and very safe Summer! Right now we are offering Summer Tune Ups to air conditioning systems for only $75! Call 816-456-8535 and tell us you saw this ad on our blog to get quickly scheduled today! 

5 Reasons You Should Schedule a Summer Tune Up!

The best time for you to schedule your Summer Air Conditioning Tune Up is in the Spring because that’s just before HVAC specialists have their busiest season. By preparing ahead, you can also get some great deals, including our offer for a complete tune up appointment for only $75. Here are five signs that you should watch for when it comes to the unit in your home. 

  1. High Energy Bill

Most homes have a normal pattern of usage over time that can be estimated from month to month by your energy bill. If you have noticed a significant change in numbers, you should schedule an AC tune up, to be sure everything is working right.

  1. Something Doesn’t Sound Right

If you turn your unit on and hear a noise that doesn’t sound right, you’re going to want to schedule a time for us to come out and do a check. If there is a part that is loose or malfunctioning, you’ll want to identify it right away so there aren’t larger problems in the future.

  1. Too Much Humidity

Another issue that you might notice that would prompt you to want your system checked would be the amount of humidity or lack thereof in your home. Your HVAC system should balance the air quality in your home. If there’s a problem, we have humidifiers and dehumidifiers that will help. 

  1. Something Doesn’t Smell Right

If something doesn’t smell right when you turn your system on, turn it off and call a HVAC technician right away. If there’s a burning smell, that could mean that you have an electrical problem and there would be a risk of possible fire. If there’s a musty smell, that probably means there is some kind of a mold or mildew growth from humidity in your unit.

  1. Poor Air Ventilation

If you notice that part of your home isn’t receiving air flow or there’s an imbalance in temperatures from room to room, you should schedule an appointment. Our technicians will be able to identify where your problem is coming and help you to fix the problem.

These are just some of the reasons why you should schedule an appointment. Having a regular check up each Spring and Fall will assure you that your system is running at its best for the comfort and efficiency that you and your family deserve. Give us a call today at 816-456-8535. 

6 Signs You Might Need an AC Replacement

  1. Age of System

If your unit is 12 years or older, you may need to consider a replacement. Many older system use Freon refrigerant, which is being phased out and is expensive. These systems are much less efficient as well and often have higher repair costs. 

  1. Frequency of Repairs

If this is your third or more major repair on your  unit, it’s time for a full replacement. 

  1. Cost of Repairs

You should consider replacement when the costs for repairs are more the 50% of what it would cost for a new unit. High end, newer units can seem pricey, but are more efficient and save money over time.

  1. Extent of the Problems

If there are minor problems, such as an electrical problem or clogged drain line, that wouldn’t be something you would need to replace your system over. But if you had problems with the blower motor, compressor, or condenser coils, you would need to consider whether it’s worth it to repair or replace. 

  1. Efficiency of the Unit

If your unit has less than 13 SEER or less than a 10 EER rating, your system is costing you in efficiency each month. Newer units have up to 250 SEER efficiency ratings, reducing monthly costs significantly. 

  1. Size of the Unit

An over-sized unit constant cycling leads to poor humidity control and premature failure. If your system was installed properly and professionally using heat gain calculations, the unit will last longer and run more efficiently. 

We are offering a 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty on any new Air Conditioning system! We would be happy to put together a free estimate on new equipment, as well. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online today.

Indoor Air Quality and Your Health

The air quality of your home or office has never mattered as much as it does now. With this being allergy season, the high pollen in the air can make things difficult for those who have allergies or asthma. While our hope is to keep allergens out, Haha’s has the solution for those who may find themselves suffering.

Traditionally people have used cleaning methods such as dusting, vacuuming, and mopping to clean their space. Haha’s Heating and Cooling is able to offer the latest technology with our Ultraviolet Air Purification System that will rid your home of contaminants that may be in the air.

Haha’s Ultraviolet Air Purification Systems are designed to help by doing the following:

• Reducing airborne pathogens, such as, mold, bacteria, viruses and odors.

• Reducing volatile organic compounds through an advanced absorptive photocatalytic oxidation process.

• Provides surface treatment of coils, heat-strips, and blowers

Easily installed, Haha’s Heating and Cooling will be in and out in no time and the environment of your home or office will be best for those living and working in that space. Call us today at 816-456-8535!

5 Benefits of an Annual Tune Up

There are many benefits that you will receive when scheduling a Summer Tune Up! Preparing for hot weather now is better than waiting and risking a problematic system when you need it most. Here are five good reasons why you should consider calling us today:

1. Better Air Quality

The air quality in your home has never been more important. If you have a system that is accurately operating, you’ll have less dust, pollen, and other contaminants circulating in your home. Not only will we do the basic check of your systems filter, we also have professional Ultraviolet Air Purification lamps that can be easily installed and will rid your indoor air of allergens.

2. Lower Utility Bills

When you have a system that is running efficiently, you’re not going to have as high of utility bills. When your system’s parts have reached their limit, it will work harder, resulting in a higher amount of electricity used.

3. Extend Machine’s Lifespan

Just like owning a car, your cooling system is in need of regular checks and tune ups. With a short appointment with one of our technicians, you’ll be making an investment in the quality of your machine, extending it’s lifespan overall.

4. Fewer Repairs and Breakdowns

When a system isn’t running right, it will work harder to try and keep up, leading to lower quality and a risk for a breakdown. During a Summer Tune Up, we check all parts of your system. This allows us to repair what is needed to keep your system running regularly.

5. More Comfort

Not only will you be living in the perfect environment as temperatures go up, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that you have had your system checked and any trouble areas have been addressed. You can enjoy your space knowing it’s the best for your health.

We would be happy to add you to our schedule of Spring and Summer Tune Ups! Give us a call at 816-456-8535 today!